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Getting ready for Tremont

  We are three weeks out to our most favorite event of the year – The  Tremont Art and Culture Festival.  It is a  two day art and culture  celebration in Cleveland’s south side neighborhood of Tremont.  Located in the lovely 5 acre Lincoln Park 

The Spring Pantone Colors

Spring Pantone 2013: Without realizing the formal process that went into choosing colors for the Spring and Fall Fashion Week Season, I have been enamored with the rich jewel tones of Emerald, and Saphire…. and love how they dance when paired with neutral beiges, or neutral taupe. 

What does “Juried” mean?

  Hang around the art community for any length of time and “Juried” will appear.  But what does it mean? And why is this important? Juried indicates that a panel of judges screened the works before permitting them to be a part of a gallery