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And the jury is in….

Waiting for word from the various applications and jury process can be somewhat of a long and challenging task.  Saturday when we returned from our venture to Akron the mail held a blessing we were waiting for.  Before we could even think to savor the 

Look out Akron!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be at Crafty Mart’s Summer Faire on Saturday, July 5th from 10a to 5pm.  We are fully stocked with soap, shaving products, scrubs, and so much more.  For the summer we have a limited edition of summer 

Using Silk Fibers in Soap

Love learning?  Soap making is a life long learning process because there are so many ways that soap can be enhanced, and made more lovely. One such process is to add silk fibers to the recipe.  The Tussah silk fibers are collected by wild grown 

Quailcrest Garden Fair

This is a spectacular time of late spring where everyone finds the beauty of gardens a refreshing and welcome gift for our senses. Vibrant colors, textures, and amazing scents of flowers and herbs melt those cold weather memories. We have always loved gardening, and celebrated