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Our beliefs and values

We are continuing on meet the maker march and today we talk about our beliefs and values. At the core of everything we do we hold these truths closely.

Artists as community

One of the best things about our life as artists is time spent with other artists.  Unlike corporate America, the art community as a general rule is a supportive community, with a great willingness to share knowledge, experience, and collaboration when needed.  We have done 

Bay Arts Holiday Events

We are so thrilled to again be a part of the Bay Arts Holiday Shop.  Our soap, scrubs and shave products will be there, as will my wire crochet pieces.  Its a great collection of handcrafted goodness and a great spot to shop for that 

Focus on essential oils – Litsea Cubeba

Recently we discovered a new essential oil, Litsea Cubeba.  Its a mysterious name, with almost as mysterious a fragrance.  The common name for the plant is May Change, an evergreen tree that is in the Lauracea family (Mountain laurels).  May Change is native to China