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The sights of Hessler Street Fair

“Peace, love and Lemonade….. Peace, Love and Lemonade… ” the bongo players paraded down the festival at the start playing the bongos and singing this one lyric… and it set the mood for Hessler! Its a Cleveland institution, a festival that dates back to the 

Its Hessler Weekend

  And we are so excited.  The weather reports are promising, the mailing list has been informed, and we are ever so hopeful of a great weekend.  Hope you can stop out to see us. Hessler street is located adjacent to Case Western Reserve University, 

Peace Love and Lemonade!!!! Yes, its Hessler time again

We are officially accepted as artists at Hessler Street Fair which comes up on May 16-17, 2015 and we are totally looking forward to the weekend festival.  This year the theme is peace, love and lemonade!  It has us thinking about our products and possibly adding 

Dare to have fun

Hessler Street Fair is so much fun because there is a willingness to just have fun there!  We saw a number of people that felt comfortable enough being just themselves… whether it was the guy dressed in a superman-like suite with a guitar slung over