Are you ever too old to follow your dreams?

Yes, i have been reading again… in fact it is such a great article that i am linking it to this page.  Enterpreneur.com just ran an article on an elderly woman who is following her dream, and working in silicone valley helping to make technology […]

What motivates you forward?

I was just reading  an article in Inc Magazine with little snippet answers to that very question.  So what motivated you to begin your own business?  How did you come to sustain your business into profitability?  What makes you tick? There are as many answers […]

Hopes for the new year

As we greet the new year our thoughts are filled with wonder and plans for a bright and hopeful 2015.  Part of the challenge and joy of a small business is to reflect on the past year, plan for the new one, and find great […]

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