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Kent Masterpieces in Art and Wine

Kent is an exciting town, but this saturday it rumbles to life for the Kent Masterpieces in Art and Wine Festival.  Eight Wineries join 40 artists, food vendors, and a constant stage of music from Noon to 10pm Awesome art, local wine and live music […]

Tea Tree Soap

Have you ever heard of Tea Tree Oil?  I first became aware of it appearing in shampoos several years ago. I did not know very much about it so I joined my husband in doing some amazing research to learn about this substance, how it […]

Sauerkraut Festival

  Yes, there is actually a festival honoring Sauerkraut, held this year for the 43rd year in the little beaucolic town of Waynesville, Ohio, just south of Dayton.  We have heard that this event garners 350,000 or more visitors for a 3 day event in […]

Essential Oil

Since we began making soap one of the special ingredients we have worked hard to source out is essential oils… But what do we know about them, and why are they so beneficial in soap preparations? Essential Oil , according to Wikipedia are: An oil is “essential” […]

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