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Hey Dude!!!!

Dude- the name sounds so casual, but the fragrance is not. A few years ago we attended an art exhibit featuring paintings paired with perfumes and colognes custom blended to harmonize with the paintings. We stood in front of a lavish masculine painting of a fountain in a park in DC, then opened the glass cloche and took a sniff… vibrant notes of sandalwood, cedar and a hint of patchouli wafted to our nose. We had been considering expanding our line of soap for men, and we both agreed this was the scent we liked.

Solid Perfume? I never heard of that

We introduces solid perfumes to our line nearly 6 years ago, and discovered they have been a great success.  We melt and blend  beeswax, coconut oil, palm oil along with essential oil and pour the mix into small 1 ounce tins.  Solid perfume is a 

Mother’s Day

One day is not enough to honor and thank the moms in our lives, but we stop, and honor the blessings of mothers, their hard work, their care, sacrifice and most of all, their love. If you are a mom, we honor you for your 

Gardening Soap

Its beginning to warm up, and if you are like me you are out in the garden, digging and getting your hands dirty. When we began our soap making business the first formula of soap that Steve learned to make was a recipe for gardeners.