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A book that impacted my life

This year I slow down a little bit on my reading schedule but typically I read between 25 and 50 books a year. I’m a nonfiction kind of person and I value the useful knowledge that people have taken the time to publishing a book. 

Studio time

Apart from my garden in the most favorite place that I love to be is in my studio. Steve is over in his corner working on so soap And the sounds of mixing soap coupled with the smells Of essential oil in the soap smell 

A local artist that inspires me!

Oh goodness where do we start. We know so many talented artists working and so many different areas. I would be remiss if I started to list anyone but suffice it to say that we are surrounded by huge creativity and talent. From the photographers 

What is the favorite piece of art i own?

I love to collect things made by local artists, but the most favorite piece i own is a watercolor print of the near west side of Cleveland , featuring the Russian Orthodox church i grew up in. The onion domes rise above the house roofs,