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So you do Shibori??? Arishi Shibori?

Shibori? what on earth? Is that some shy japanese person who is boring?  or my all time favorite “ah, its tie die !”   People seem to misunderstand the fine art of dying silk in the japanese tradition of Shibori.  Shibori (絞り染め Shiborizome?) is a Japanese term for several methods 

Invitation to Gallery Opening

You are invited to join us on Friday, January 18th from 6-8pm for the grand opening of the Moody Blues Gallery Show…. I am so thrilled that one of my hand dyed Shibori Silk Scarves was juried into the show.  It is such an honor 

Velvet and Shibori – think of the possibilities!

how attractive a velvetine fabric dyed in the shibori tradition known as arishi- binding the fabric to a pole, adding dye.

Shibori – Part II

Last week i did a post introducing Shibori, the Japanese art of silk dying.  But my post only focused on one type of Shibori and you need to know there are at least a dozen different techniques. A technique that is a refinement of what i do is called