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Lakeside Chataqua

We are fresh from 5 days at our most favorite spot to visit during the summer.  Lakeside Chataqua is a summer community founded by the Methodists in the 1870s as a summer community with purpose.  Modeled on the original, Lake Chataqua New York idea, this 

Hello 2019

Hello new year! Welcome and make yourself at home. We will be together for 365 days… so lets get comfortable with each other. I have to be honest in telling you i have looked forward to the new year because it feels kind of nice 

A Welcome Letter to 2018

Hello 2018, Here you are!…. I wanted to take a moment to welcome you.  We don’t know what you will bring with you, but our hopes are that you bring us good health, open doors for new opportunity and prosperity.  We also hope that good 

The Power of Bubbles

What an odd title… Yes i bet you are saying “there she goes again, writing crazy things!”  Well perhaps it is crazy or perhaps it is something that lightens up life a bit.  A while back we met a woman named Dorothy, who works with