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sourcing information on art fairs

Where do you get information on art fairs, juried art shows, festivals, and the like?  Or who can you ask questions about what works for tents, displays, crowd theory, etc?  Operating an art business that involves setting up shop at various fairs, festivals and gallery 

Textile Art Alliance

I am still doing a big happy dance because i was juried into the 2013 Textile Art Alliance Fashion Show and Boutique.  Textile Art Alliance is an arm of the Cleveland Museum of Art, and a prestigious group of textile artists that range from weavers, 

Jury Acceptance at May Show

Thrilled to be juried into the May Show for the Berea Fine Arts, I will be showcasing my shibori silk dying.

What does “Juried” mean?

  Hang around the art community for any length of time and “Juried” will appear.  But what does it mean? And why is this important? Juried indicates that a panel of judges screened the works before permitting them to be a part of a gallery