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Lavender – More than just a pretty purple flower

When you mention the word Lavender immediately a color and a scent trace to memory.  There is a sweet beauty of a field of lavender wafting that soft clean scent throughout the air.  So how did lavender come to be associated with clean and especially […]

Soap Eggs Are Back – order here

Soap Eggs are back.  And they are one of our favorite seasonal offerings.  Each soap egg is made through the regular cold process method, using a standard olive oil formula, and molded into the size of a standard large chicken egg size. Each little paper […]

Pairing Scrubs with Soap

Did you ever love the scent of a  bar of soap, but wish that it was available in a scrub? We have been busy developing soap and scrubs that match in scent.  Here are our current duos: Lavender Soap pairs with Lavender Breeze Sugar Scrub […]

Sugar and Salt Scrubs

Have you ever tried a sugar or salt scrub on your hands, or dry feet? We discovered these amazing miracles for skin about a dozen years ago while visiting our friends in Las Vegas.  As a typical tourist we were walking through the shopping mall […]

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