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Pairing Scrubs with Soap

Did you ever love the scent of a  bar of soap, but wish that it was available in a scrub? We have been busy developing soap and scrubs that match in scent.  Here are our current duos: Lavender Soap pairs with Lavender Breeze Sugar Scrub 

Sugar and Salt Scrubs

Have you ever tried a sugar or salt scrub on your hands, or dry feet? We discovered these amazing miracles for skin about a dozen years ago while visiting our friends in Las Vegas.  As a typical tourist we were walking through the shopping mall 

Essential Oil

Since we began making soap one of the special ingredients we have worked hard to source out is essential oils… But what do we know about them, and why are they so beneficial in soap preparations? Essential Oil , according to Wikipedia are: An oil is “essential” 

New Product: Pink Himalayan Bath Teas

Pink Himalayan Muscle Soak Bath Tea Himalayan Pink Salt is an amazing ingredient both for cooking and for soap and body products.  Why?  Because there are so many minerals and trace elements bound to the salt.  Salt is a natural anticeptic, cleansing and cleaning wounds.