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October inspiration

Since today is October 1 I have made a commitment to myself to write a short amount daily. So this is my start and I want to keep my commitments. The exercise of writing is work that requires planning, time, research, and honesty. I’ve always 

Life is hard, friends are good

If there has been a theme this past year of 2017, or for that matter this past decade, it is that friends are the part of life that makes life bearable, survivable, and a reason to push through the deep and hard places.  We had 

How do you overcome defeats?

Somehow I have this picture in my head that I want to rub my fingers together as if gesturing that I am holding an old cigar, and making a joke about the word “the feet”….. Ah, that might be one clue to the answers for the question 

10 inspirations for blogging

Blogging, as we discussed yesterday, is a cathartic way of documenting and discussing specific issues.  And blogs by nature must have a personal feel, a personality of their author.  Some are highly technical, others very etherial. Writing in general does require some discipline and organization