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Hey, What shops carry your things? The new places

This year we have picked up a number of new outlets for our products.  It is exciting times to have products in demand by shopkeepers…. we love that.  And how encouraging it is when we get a call or a message from someone we dont […]

Loving that Little Italy

Cleveland is amazing for the amount of neighborhoods that were or are still enclaves of a group of people from a specific location.  We are a city of immigrants, built with the smells and sights each culture brings.  Little Italy is located adjacent to University […]

2015 – a photo review of the year

2015 was an adventure that kept us busy creating, and selling our soap and silk.  And we did a bit of traveling. An opportunity arose to pitch our products to a major retail grocer who planned to establish a new store in Cleveland.  We submitted […]

Little Italy – Photo review

The weather was delightful and warm, bright sunshine with only a slight hint of possible rain, which grew more faint and never really materialized.  We arrived at Mayfield Road and quickly found the organizer who pointed us to our spot and left us to unload […]

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