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Buy Local?

  I’ve written about buying local before, but this photo showed up again on facebook, and it stirred my desire to talk about the impact of buying local can have on the economy. We have come full circle in our economy from an age when 

Trois Soures

Trois Soures is a local business in Rocky River that has just picked up our soap and silk. Stop out and visit this wonderful boutique… great place for hand crafted and vintage finds.

The Devonshire Victorian Tea

In the midst of the chill of winter there is a group of women in Berea who bring back a very fancy tradition of the past.  The ladies of St Thomas Episcipal Church in Berea hold high tea, accompanied by music, a small program, and 

Crafty Goodness relaunch

We are so blessed to be a vendor in a shop called Crafty Goodness in Lakewood.  Chris, the shopkeeper, made a decision in December to move her shop several blocks west to a slightly smaller space, but higher visibility…. and we are so thrilled with