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The Log Cabin Gallery “At Water’s Edge” continues thru 7/26

The Log Cabin Gallery is freshened up, and reloaded with the artistic work of over 20 people, with everything from Diane Seskes’s stunning photography to the beautiful quilted pieces done by her mom.  Pottery, Ceramics, hand carved bird and fish decoys, Stained Glass, Blown Glass…. 

Our latest newsletter.

We just published our latest newsletter, and i thought it might be fun to pop it on the blog.  If you would like to receive the email updates please let me know.  You can either email me (imagesinbloom@gmail.com) or go to our welcome page and 

Soft Fiber Necklaces

Silk is so much fun to dye, but every now and again i have a piece that just doesn;t turn out as i hoped.  Either the dye bleeds and muttles together, or the silk fiber just does not receive the dye evenly.  So i have a 

Alternatives for silk as wearable art

  I love being challenged to do something others are not doing.  At least when it comes to silk and shibori, there are out-takes.  In my mind I had a vision of the pattern, the colors, the full picture….but something just did not work out.  So