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Natural Bug Repellent Lotion: Don’t Bug Me!!!

No bug bites is a goal everyone hopes for when they set out for a hike in the woods, picnic in the back yard, or sending their kids out to play. But until recently the market has offered only a chemical soup spray that probably is toxic to us, as much as it is to the insects. Through research we developed a recipe using essential oils only and a blend of oils that make a lotion bar that offers insect repellent and moisturizing. skin,

Natural Bug Repellant

A month ago we launched a line called “Don;t Bug Me!!”  featuring a cold processed soap and a lotion bar both scented with a blend of essential oils that are clean smelling and yet work well to keep from being mosquito bitten.   Ideal products […]

Review of a great weekend

We put some traveling miles on our van this past weekend, spending Saturday at Vermilion in Bloom garden sale, and spent Sunday at Penitentiary Glen earth day in lake county.  Vermilion is a favorite stop for us – we love the ladies of Vermilion in […]

Hey, Don’t Bug Me!!!

No, I didn’t loose my mind and yell at my viewers.  Don’t Bug Me is our latest product at Images in Bloom.  Its a lotion bar that is made with great moisturizing ingredients like Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Almond Oil and bees wax.  This blend […]

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