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Brand – Do you have a Brand?

Branding seems to be something that is coming up in my reading a lot.  And recently at an art show a well dressed woman leaned over to me and said “I like your brand – its clean, clear and simple.”  Aha!  The work we have 

Where do your eyes go?

    Science is incredible.  Our age of technology allows for some pretty darn amazing study and research.  One breakthrough technology being implemented in marketing and retain (among other fields) is that of eye tracking technology. Yes, following where the eyes go on a print 

Why free is not always a good thing

I am learning a lot of things in this process of building a business and the learning curve is sometimes challenging. But one of the first real lessons is that free is not always free, or for that matter free is not always worth your 

Calculating the cost of producing soap

Soap – Hmm, what could be the cost of making soap?  We hear that alot when we are out and about at shows and art fairs.  And the truth is there is a formula that takes a number of things into factor.  Here are some