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Pink Himalayan Salt Soap

is the most popular soap we ever made…. vibrant scent of eucalyptus and exotic lemongrass fill the room! We use only essential oil which should not affect the sensitive allergies. And this gentle cold processed soap recipe is special, unique, exciting. Blended into the soap formula is a sizable amount of pink Himalayan salt, mined from deep within the Himalayan Mountain range in Asia.

the challenge

nspired by the Meet the Maker March series, I developed a challenge for April which is titled Artist April. The goal of my instagram challenge is to explore the artist journey through photos about the interests, inspiration and work of an artist. As you learned through March, the life of an artist/maker is one that takes intention, inspiration and a love for what we do. My hope is that in April we peek back the curtain to see the mind and heart of those artists that contribute to beautifying and expressing the many facets of life.


What are your favorite memories of life? We are continuing the Meet the Maker March series with a look at some of our favorite memories and adventures. Come with us on the adventures. Hessler Street Fair – We have done a bunch of art fairs 

Starting Point

We all start somewhere. In this episode of Meet the Maker March 2021 we are reflecting on our humble start of a soap business in 2010. And we are reminiscing back to those first thoughts on how we began…. join us in the journey