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“Our culture does not value rest!”

Our culture does not value rest.  That was a comment that kept coming up when i listened to a recent podcast by Michael Hyatt.  I have a few electronic mentors that influence my life, and Michael Hyatt is one such mentor.  He is now an […]

Do they come with their own batteries?

Michael Hyatt is one of my mentors, although i have never met him in person.  I have followed his blogs and pod casts for years now, gleaning great nuggets of gold for living, business, and writing.  He is a voracious writer who offers up clear […]

A must read article

Michael Hyatt is one of those voices of clear leadership that I love to read.  Its one of my daily bus ride reading materials… because he seems to write clearly about real life issues.  I am simply placing a link to his blog and i […]

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