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Readers are leaders – my reading list suggestions

  I love to curl up with a good book, a cup of tea, and my pups, and just snuggle into the content…. these days i am a bit limited on having curl up and read time, so i find myself listening to books instead. 

“Our culture does not value rest!”

Our culture does not value rest.  That was a comment that kept coming up when i listened to a recent podcast by Michael Hyatt.  I have a few electronic mentors that influence my life, and Michael Hyatt is one such mentor.  He is now an 

Do they come with their own batteries?

Michael Hyatt is one of my mentors, although i have never met him in person.  I have followed his blogs and pod casts for years now, gleaning great nuggets of gold for living, business, and writing.  He is a voracious writer who offers up clear 

A must read article

Michael Hyatt is one of those voices of clear leadership that I love to read.  Its one of my daily bus ride reading materials… because he seems to write clearly about real life issues.  I am simply placing a link to his blog and i