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What are you listening to? Are you a music fan? I love a lot of different music, but when it comes down to just me in the room i love classical music and run back to Mozart. Music has a soothing and motivating effect on 

What fuels your creativity?

So what inspires your creativity? Each of us are different and what motivates one person may be completely different than that of another. We will look at a few major areas of creative inspiration and i share a very interesting link so that you can find out your creativity type.

Tremont Art and Culture Festival is this weekend

We are delighted to say this is the 19th year we have been associated with this festival.  It is a delight to now participate as an artist, and for this one weekend come together in the artist village with a sense of inspiration and joy. 

Its Hessler Weekend

  And we are so excited.  The weather reports are promising, the mailing list has been informed, and we are ever so hopeful of a great weekend.  Hope you can stop out to see us. Hessler street is located adjacent to Case Western Reserve University,