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The Process – How do you make soap?

How does soap happen? Today we are exploring the process of making handcrafted natural soap. Its both a chemistry experience and an art requiring precise measurement of ingredients, temperature monitoring and timing. Join us and learn more about our process as we continue the #marchmeetthemaker2021 series.

Our beliefs and values

We are continuing on meet the maker march and today we talk about our beliefs and values. At the core of everything we do we hold these truths closely.

Our Brand

Images in bloom, as a brand is clean, modern, and natural. We link to present our products with clear, easy to read print. And we chose the logo of a sunflower because it is a vibrant flower that offers beauty, and function. Sunflowers symbolize loyalty , happiness and longevity. We think that our products offer beauty, function, they last a long time and bring happiness. From our years in business we’ve also found that you are loyal to us and like our brand products. visit us to see the video.

Lavender – More than just a pretty purple flower

So what do you know about lavender? We are exploring the plant and how wonderful it is in our products.