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Great Lakes Art Fair – here we come!

Somewhere between the time you are reading this and the time it was written Steve and I will have packed up our vehicle, hugged our dogs, handed the keys to the house sitter, and headed down the road to Novi.  It is the early hours 

Look out Novi Michigan! We are coming back

We just learned that we have been juried into the Great Lakes Art Festival, which is an annual fine art fair held in a northern suburb of Detroit Michigan.  Its a wonderful 3 day show featuring so much amazing art work from artists who travel 

Encouraging customer feedback

Steve and I often have conversations with people as they look at and smell the soap.  Concerns about allergies, and problems with skin issues come up alot.  We make no claims on our soap, other than we use wholesome ingredients, and the recipes are well 

Great Lakes Art Fair – Photo Review

We had a wonderful time, celebrated the joy of creativity and met so many amazing and diverse and talented artists.  We thought you might enjoy the photos of our weekend in Novi Michigan.