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In the Art Noveau Style

Art Noveau – french for New Art, a style made famous between 1880 – 1920 roughly, featuring brighter colors, intense stylized nature, and brilliant patterns rich with curvaceous lines.  Its the passion of my heart… and the love of my life to replicate some of 

Great Lakes Art Fair – here we come!

Somewhere between the time you are reading this and the time it was written Steve and I will have packed up our vehicle, hugged our dogs, handed the keys to the house sitter, and headed down the road to Novi.  It is the early hours 

How amazing! How surprising!

Recently we participated in the Great Lakes Art Fair in Novi, Michigan.  And amid the crowd of people that wandered through the show was a family that sought us out.  Last year when we did this art show and were surprised by a mom and 

Ever meet someone with your same name?

Well, it happened this past weekend.  Yes, right there in the middle of Saturday at the Great Lakes Art Fair there was a woman that stopped to my booth, and asked “Are you Barb Bloom?”  Why yes, i had to tell her I was indeed