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We are having a sale

It’s fall y’all and we want to celebrate with every purchase made online. We added holiday scents like cranberry fig, gift of the maji, evergreen pine,and Festival of Lights. Take advantage of the sale between October 15 through November 5 only. Visit our shop

Whats so great about handcrafted cold processed soap?????

Until the early 1980s almost every bathroom had a few bars of soap… commercially made, bought in bulk from the grocery store.  TV commercials advocated virtues to using these bars of soap, and fed us a myth that if we used that soap we would develop special qualities…. beyond clean and fresh.  It was the heyday of brands like Irish Spring, Dial, and Dove.  Bar soap dominated the market, and we all used them. Then it happened – the advent of the liquid soap movement, and the antibacterial soap movement saw the ever expanding shelf displays of bottled liquid soap, of antibacterial soap.  The media whipped a frenzy of thoughts about how much bacteria was out there, and how we need to sanitize, to bomb our skin with antibacterial soaps.  And we did.

How do you juggle everything?

I eat breakfast with an old friend periodically, and in our conversation she looked into my eyes and said, how do you handle it all? You seem so organized and you seem to have every detail of your life in order. Inside my head, I 

Our schedule updates

The late summer and fall will be busy for us. We are excited to be on the road and having the opportunity to meet you. Our schedule includes old favorites like made in Ohio festivall and tremont. But this year we are honored to be