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sourcing information on art fairs

Where do you get information on art fairs, juried art shows, festivals, and the like?  Or who can you ask questions about what works for tents, displays, crowd theory, etc?  Operating an art business that involves setting up shop at various fairs, festivals and gallery 

Discovering skills and passion

What really cranks you up?  What makes you passionate to cast the cares of life aside and just dive in?  Is there something that you could spend long hours doing, and time stands still because you are totally engrossed?  And is there something that you 

Road Trip!!!!

  It is a minor holiday in the USA (Colombus day has gone from a glorious day of celebration of discovery, to a day poo poo’d by people who have changed their view of history or approach it from a different perspective.  Well, I have 


The weather was bright and sunny, warm… and the gardens were beautiful.  But it was a very sleepy venue. It