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Are you an organized or chaotic organizer?

“How organized do you have to be to work full time and have a full time business too?” Does life distill down to a simply well planned life, checking boxes of to do lists, and planning meticulously what will happen and when?  Or do you 

Are you disciplined?

“Wow I bet you have great discipline for your time and energy!” I have heard that phrase uttered a number of times to me.  Everything in me wanted to turn around to see who else is in the room, and who they were talking to. 

Why free is not always a good thing

I am learning a lot of things in this process of building a business and the learning curve is sometimes challenging. But one of the first real lessons is that free is not always free, or for that matter free is not always worth your 

Planning is good

  Balance is quite the discussion for so many people.  Our lives become so busy, filled with great things, but often all of the busyness of our lives can take on a life of their own, and quickly we sense we are out of kilter.