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Pantone? What’s that?

I get asked an occasionally question About how much the decisions of fashion week affect my choices in color and design for the silk scarves. so a little background- New York fashion week is held in spring and they have a fall one to determine 

Marsala: Color of the year

Yesterday I spoke briefly about the color of the year, and thought it would be fun to take a deeper dive into the colors of the year.  There is a uniform industry standard known as Pantone – they set the standard for colors, and the 

Fashion colors for spring

Months, if not years ago the fashion industry established a pallet for the spring 2015 season in order to coordinate designs and fashions.  Each season the palate changes slightly.  For spring 2015 my painter friends will recognize the title of their color palate :  En 

The Spring Pantone Colors

Spring Pantone 2013: Without realizing the formal process that went into choosing colors for the Spring and Fall Fashion Week Season, I have been enamored with the rich jewel tones of Emerald, and Saphire…. and love how they dance when paired with neutral beiges, or neutral taupe.