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BRRRR! Baby the soaps cold in here

Living in Ohio in February is guaranteed to have everyone bundling up, and trying to find ways to stay warm.  But I bet you never thought about the impact temperature has on the soapmaking process!   Well, more technically, it is the soap curing process that […]

Announcement – new shop for our soap

Over the Christmas holiday season we were invited to set up a small trunk show at a hidden gem of a beauty shop in Parma.  The soap was a big hit.  So much so that we negotiated a permanant space in this shop. Future Directions […]

Soaps of Autumn – Cinnamon Sage

Each season is an opportunity to enter into the sights and scents of that season…. and Autumn is the most favorite time in the Images in Bloom Studios.  We anticipate the changing colors of the trees, the cooler temperatures, and the crisp days with low […]

Jewelweed Products

  Summer is here, and so is the poison ivy and bug bite season… Did you know that nature provides a natural remedy for poison ivy in the form of a plant, known as jewelweed.  The plant grows in shade areas at the edges of […]

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