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How many hats to you wear as an artist/entrepreneur?

There is a hat for every reason… baseball caps keep the sun out of our eyes when we are playing the game.  Straw hats cover the gardener working to pick weeds, till their garden and attend to the vegetable plants.   And there are sunday 

How many hats do you wear?

These days’ artists have to be more than just practitioners of their skilled art.  If you are serious about having a small art business here are some of the hats you will have to wear: Photographer – able to capture sumptuous photographs of your work, 

Better Photos make a difference

Last weekend I spent a part of the day taking a new set of photos for our etsy shop of Steve’s soap.  Our soap sells well online, but some of the feedback i have received was to improve the photos, make them tell a story. 

Photography Inspiration

About a year ago a friend gave us a copy of this book… The photos were so appealing, visually balanced, and encouraged us that soap making can be exciting.   What i took from the book was not the recipes and hints for proper sopanification