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Photos from the Opening of Pinned and Pined For

A lovely evening, a great crowd,and wonderful hostesses in Kathy Patton and Lori Paximatis … All of the artists work was displayed against a white bare wall… pinned literally to the wall.  Yes, the laser level was definately utilized to get that uniform 3 feet […]

Off to Pine for Pins

Yes, tonight is the gala opening of the gallery show known as Pinned and Pined For at the Dovecote Studios, located in the Bird Town area of Lakewood.   (click the link below for their website) I will promise to snap some pictures, and post […]

Pinned and Pined For Gallery show

Pinned and Pined For is a gallery show featuring hand made jewelry from artists around the area.  The show is being curated at the Dovecote Gallery, located in Lakewood’s Screw Factory located at 13000 Athens Avenue.  The event is orchestrated by the group “Cleveland Handmade” […]

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