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Do you have a technology emergency plan?

This has been near and dear to my mind since sunday night when my iPhone, also known as my midlife safety net for my brain, crapped out during a routine update.  Yeah! Apple actually worked with me to get the phone out of the black […]

Preparing for Weather at Art Shows

If there is one sure thing about art shows it is not the weather.  We have set up our tent with beautiful bright skys and not a cloud in sight only to watch a fast approaching storm move in.  Or after carefully checking the weather […]

Do you have a brand?

Branding seems to be something that is coming up in my reading a lot.  And recently at an art show a well dressed woman leaned over to me and said “I like your brand – its clean, clear and simple.”  Aha!  The work we have […]

the 3 Ps that count

OK, now i am starting to go formula on you here… no not really, but i think there are 3 important things to keep at the forefront of our thoughts when getting ready for a big event. Plan – our first p involves laying out […]

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