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Do you have a plan?

This has been near and dear to my mind since an experience with my iPhone, also known as my midlife safety net for my brain, crapped out during a routine update, unfortunately during a lightening storm.  Yeah! Apple actually worked with me to get the 

Honing your vision

So you have a dream… and that dream needs planning, insight and clear decisions to be made to grow. today we are considering how to hone your vision.

Birds of a feather!

We will only be as successful as the five closest friends we have! Are we willing to settle for mundane, or do we want more? I’m looking for my flock of adventurers. Who is with me?

Preparing for Weather at Art Shows

If there is one sure thing about art shows it is not the weather.  We have set up our tent with beautiful bright skys and not a cloud in sight only to watch a fast approaching storm move in.  Or after carefully checking the weather