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Cosmic Bobbins Is Popping Open tonight

And you are invited… Cosmic Bobbins is a lovely Pop Up Shop that is located on Shaker Square this year.  Featuring the handcrafted goodness of a number of local artists, Shari Renee has created an elegant emporium/boutique and you can find a lot of great 

ReBlooming Bag Logic

ReBlooming Bags – Upcycled plastic grocery bags used as yarn that is crochet into totes, purses and unique handbags.  It is something that I have been doing for 4 years now.  There is something inherently satisfying about taking plastic that would otherwise lay in its 

Plarn in process

Working on the next ReBlooming Bag during lunch….it is going to be a messanger bag.

And the crocheting continues

I have been busy putting all my newly spun plarn to use… crocheting them into more purses and totes. Blending plarn with other fun yarns has become a favorite thing to do. I am always in search of unique yarns like the eyelash and ladder