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Sharpen your Vision

today we are back on the topic of vision, looking at 5 ideas for improving and sharpening it.

Have you danced with trauma?

Life can hum along smoothly for a long time, but every now and then something happens and it just comes off the rails.   None of us are exempt from crisis or traumas… perhaps there is a death in the family, or a financial reversal, 

Honing your vision

So you have a dream… and that dream needs planning, insight and clear decisions to be made to grow. today we are considering how to hone your vision.

Lessons from Reading – “Extreme Ownership”

In November I read a book titled “Extreme Ownership” by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin and i would highly recommend the book to you. Both men were Navy Seals with battle experience in Rumadi, Iraq.  From their lessons in battle came a set of concepts