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Finding Stability in a Rapidly Changing World

We are all there… watching our world shift in a very rapid way. Not just politics, but watching the world seem to be unraveling into a sense of madness. How we live, do business, and express ourselves is also changing. Whether it is concerns for 

Sunday Self Care: do you take time for rest?

Sabbath! Its a word we dont hear often any more, apart from the faith based community. But the original meaning was to take one day off from the busyness of the week. Rooted from this word is the word sabbatical which is a period of 

“Our culture does not value rest!”

Our culture does not value rest.  That was a comment that kept coming up when i listened to a recent podcast by Michael Hyatt.  I have a few electronic mentors that influence my life, and Michael Hyatt is one such mentor.  He is now an 

Thank you

Aah, the snow is falling softly on the landscape, and the wind whipping through the trees.  All of our racks and display materials are tucked away for the season as we take a deep breath from the hurry scurry of the Christmas shopping season to thank you