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Focus on – Shave Soap

we make s have soap. did you know that have soap saves your razor blade from degrading as quickly because we dont use harsh chemicals in our soap.

Lakeside Lighthouse Festival

We are planning to return, and will be setting up shop in front of the Idylwild Bed and Breakfast located on Walnut in Lakeside.  Its always a nice weekend to just get away, enjoy the slower pace of Lakeside, and celebrate the fall closing in. 

We will be in another Log Cabin Gallery for the fall

Early in the summer I was searching for new venues for our wonderful soap, shave kits, scrubs, and my silk.  On the Ohio Arts Council was a listing for a Holiday Pop Up Shop in a log cabin in Bainbridge, Ohio.  It sounded interesting, and 

Discovering ingredients: Black Pepper Essential Oil

How well do you know ingredients?  We have been building our library of knowledge regarding oils, and ingredients for soap making, and on a whim I insisted we purchase an 8 oz bottle of black pepper essential oil.  It has sat on the shelf for