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Quailcrest Garden Fair

This is a spectacular time of late spring where everyone finds the beauty of gardens a refreshing and welcome gift for our senses. Vibrant colors, textures, and amazing scents of flowers and herbs melt those cold weather memories. We have always loved gardening, and celebrated 

Shaving Soap – Returning to an old tradition

There is a trend toward practices of the past, among which is the return of the art of shaving, involving a brush, a bar of shave soap and a mug or vessel to hold the soap. There are hidden benefits to this chemical free method of shaving including extending the life of your razor.

Shaving is Art!

Before the advent of high performance triple blade razors, and canned foam shaving cream there was the old fashioned way… a cake of soap resembling a hockey puck, blended from great oils, rich essential oil and either bentonite or kaoline clay.  The puck of soap 

Packaging update

Upcycling is in my blood… omg, i have turned into my mom, making use of what i have, and taking advantage of free things… but with a cavaete – they have to add value, improve brand, and be readily available. All of this happened recently