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Took the day off from my job

I am thankful that my employer allows me vacation time… and i carefully squirreled time away knowing today i would be getting all of those last minute details together for our adventure of the Ohio Sauerkraut festival.  While i took the day off from work, 

And the focus turns to Hessler

We has a great weekend between a small art fair at Key Bank Tiedemann last thursday and Friday, and The Cleveland Flea on Saturday… both of us were quite tired, so much so that I took a day off everything yesterday. But now the focus 

The Cleveland Flea is coming

  Yes, we are less than a week away from the Flea.  We are waiting for our final instructions on what booth number we have been assigned, and where that booth will be set up. This week here is our big plan on what we 

Vermillion in Bloom

We discovered how special Vermillion is last year when we set up for this very event.  Entering the middle school the entire cafeteria is enveloped in greenery… with perennials, herbs and amazing plants to accent your yard or garden.  And beautiful planters, remarkable hypertupa planters