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Staying healthy in a crazy time

how do we stay healthy in a crazy time we live in? i am thinking about the obvious things we can do to stay healhty… explore my list

How are you doing?

Yes, you…. sheltering at home, or out on the front lines to help with the Covid-19 pandemic? We have just entered the third week of working from home during this time to flatten the curve, and slow the spread of the virus, and i will 

5 things you should consider when becoming an enterpreneur.

Considering becoming an enterpreneur? Come explore a few key things you should consider and work out before you take the jump into enterpreneurship. (between us, i bet you have this… but come check it out)

Weekend Self Care: Sleep Debt

Sleep debt or sleep deficit is the cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep. A large sleep debt may lead to mental or physical fatigue. There are two kinds of sleep debt: the results of partial sleep deprivation and total sleep deprivation Another odd title  – but here goes,  I have been reading a lot about