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What is Castile soap?

Soap was first discovered as people went to the community garbage dump after a good long rain… prior to that rain people had tossed their cooking fats into the pit, and others dropped the ashes from their spent fire. Rain brought this together, creating a 

What do i create?

The AprilArtist2021 challenge continues, and this is what we create:

We love Color!!!!!

We continue with meet the maker march by investigating our use of color in soap making and silk painting. Color plays an integral role in improving the spirits of city dwellers. We love the idea that our products can also do so with a pop of color. Join us to learn more.

The Process – How do you make soap?

How does soap happen? Today we are exploring the process of making handcrafted natural soap. Its both a chemistry experience and an art requiring precise measurement of ingredients, temperature monitoring and timing. Join us and learn more about our process as we continue the #marchmeetthemaker2021 series.