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Have you ever heard of OUD?

We were visiting our wholesale essential oil supplier and they suggested we take a whiff of a mysterious bottle with the name “oud” on the label.  The first whiff was of a rich exotic woodsy scent with a hint of musk.  Well, i was very […]

Solid Perfume? I never heard of that

  Its almost 2 years since we rolled out a trial of solid perfume for the valentine season of 2015, and wow, it has been a very interesting success story.  We melt and blend  beeswax, coconut oil, palm oil along with essential oil and pour the mix into […]

Great Lakes Art Fair – here we come!

Somewhere between the time you are reading this and the time it was written Steve and I will have packed up our vehicle, hugged our dogs, handed the keys to the house sitter, and headed down the road to Novi.  It is the early hours […]

St Thomas Tea

We are returning to St Thomas Church in Berea for the Victorian Tea and Artist market on Saturday, January 28th from 10a to 3pm.  The tea itself is by ticket only, purchased through the church in advance.  The tea is a beautifully appointed event, with […]

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