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Village Peddler’s Day in Peninsula

We love the energy of small towns and Peninsula offers abundant enthusiasm to welcome visitors with fun, food and activity.  Tomorrow is Peddler’s Day in Peninsula… sidewalk sales, garage sales, special offerings by all of the merchants in town.  And in conjunction with Peddler’s day the 

Encouraging customer feedback

Steve and I often have conversations with people as they look at and smell the soap.  Concerns about allergies, and problems with skin issues come up alot.  We make no claims on our soap, other than we use wholesome ingredients, and the recipes are well 

Birthday Greetings

Today is a special day for my wonderful husband, and business partner, Steve.  Here is to a wonderful birthday, and a special and delightful year filled with health, success, and blessings.

Using Silk Fibers in Soap

Love learning?  Soap making is a life long learning process because there are so many ways that soap can be enhanced, and made more lovely. One such process is to add silk fibers to the recipe.  The Tussah silk fibers are collected by wild grown