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Do you wrestle with stress and that feeling of spinning out of control?

It could possibly be just me…. but i highly doubt it.  I am betting that you have those days when everything feels like it is held together with a wing and a prayer, perhaps some duck tape and chewing gum.  Oh, yes, on the outside there […]

How do you cope with Holiday stress?

The very thought of holidays has a life of its own.  For some people the idea of cooking and baking and preparing, and hosting and wrapping , toasting, celebrating is the high water mark of the year… something to live for, and to embrace.  And […]

Hold off on that cup of Joe!

Coffee is the primary source of caffeine in our country and our culture.  We live for that hot beverage with a kick to jump start our mornings, or give us some liquid strength to get through that long night of work.  We run to caffeine […]

Were you born that way?

Were you born creative or was it a learned behavior?  Wow, thats a hot topic in the medical and social science journals.  I was surprised to learn so much about creativity through reading some of these articles.  Here is a quick summary of what i […]

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