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Business: Willingness to Fail

Have I lost my mind?  What am i talking about failure for? Because every great and successful adventure begins with failures… small or large.  Edison invented the lightbulb after having countless failures at various versions of what we now know works. The difference between Edison […]

Is there a formula for successful entrepreneurial endeavors?

  Do you ever find yourself wondering how someone got so successful?  Perhaps they are half your age, ¼ the experience in life… but everything they touch exudes successful outcomes?  I have been a curious observer, partly because of my social science education – always […]

How much do you fear success?

Its a wierd question, isn;t it?  Fear and success should not be found in the same sentence together, should they?  When someone challenged me with the idea in late fall i had to think about it for quite some time.  Do i fear success?  Do […]

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