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Mayfest fine art show – we are so thrilled to be participating in this event at Coe Lake on Saturday, May 30th.  We have seen the signs going up around Berea to advertise, and the fine arts club has invested in advertising in local media. 

A look back at Lakeside

Going a bit more green

We are always trying to think through and source out ways of keeping our business environmentally friendly.  Our soap is natural, and we make a point of recycling all of the containers our oils come in, and the glass bottles our essential oil is stored 

Pairing Scrubs with Soap

Did you ever love the scent of a  bar of soap, but wish that it was available in a scrub? We have been busy developing soap and scrubs that match in scent.  Here are our current duos: Lavender Soap pairs with Lavender Breeze Sugar Scrub