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Sugar and Salt Scrubs

Have you ever tried a sugar or salt scrub on your hands, or dry feet? We discovered these amazing miracles for skin about a dozen years ago while visiting our friends in Las Vegas.  As a typical tourist we were walking through the shopping mall 

Salt VS Sugar Scrubs – Which is for you?

Scrubs have become wildly popular these last few years… and more people are learning of their benefits, discovering the lingering moisturizing qualities and falling in love with the results.  But we get a lot of questions – Sugar or Salt?  What is the difference and 

Another busy weekend ahead of us

Tomorrow Steve and I will be back to Revolve Fashion, located at 5686 Mayfield Road in the “Greens of Lyndhurst”.  Are you in need of a little holiday pick me up we will be demo-ing the salt and sugar scrubs.  Hot sellers at $6 a 

Vermillion Farmers Market

We are excited to be a part of Vermillion’s Farm Market that pops up every saturday in victory park… on main street from 10a – 2p.  This saturday (today, as of the time i am writing this) will be our first set up. We are