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Glorious Tremont!!!!!

By the time this post publishes we will have rolled into Lincoln park, and found our space, set up our tent and began displaying our soap, silk and such.  There is always an anticipation in the air for a glorious and wonderful weekend. The weather 

Drumroll Please……. Tremont has juried

For the previous 16 years Steve and I have been a part of the Tremont Art and Culture Festival in one way or another.  The first eight years Steve was a staff member of Tremont, so we were the free volunteer labor force to help 

Tremont we love you!

This weekend the weather was perfect – slightly cooler, but bright sun, and not even the faintest hint of weather issues.  Saturday morning we rolled out of our driveway loaded with all we would need for the two days in Lincoln Park…. and it was 

Tremont Art and Culture Festival is at hand

Pontiac is packed to the gills- tent, tables, racks, and our merchandise. Everything we could prepare for is done…. and now we look forward to the morning and a wonderful two days at Tremont. Hope to see you tomorrow!