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Several weeks ago I discovered an application that works with twitter, and allows you to broadcast video feed live from your cell phone or tablet. Have you heard of it?  The app allows you to use either android or iPhone for filming and live broadcasting, with 

Where do your eyes go?

    Science is incredible.  Our age of technology allows for some pretty darn amazing study and research.  One breakthrough technology being implemented in marketing and retain (among other fields) is that of eye tracking technology. Yes, following where the eyes go on a print 

It just struck me….

Each of us who carry a smart phone carry in one device what once made up a number of different things, systems, ways of handling information.  From the website designboom.com, a harvard innovation labs project was to show the impact of the rapidly advancing technology visually…. 

The mobile life

I have been thinking alot about how my smart phone has changed how we communicate and function.  Not so very long ago when we needed to make a call and were away from home there was a pay phone booth somewhere close by.  And i