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Random thoughts

Random thoughts from the mind of an artist can be dangerous.  What might i say, and where might the conversation go? Growing older is not so bad – Steve and I have been noticing that mid 50s thing, where we are not as young as 

Hold the date:Textile Art Alliance Boutique

Just another reminder that the Cleveland Museum of Art Textile Art Alliance will hold the Annual Fashion Show and Boutique at Landerhaven on Sunday, October 18th.   I am hearing that the fashion show/ luncheon is sold out, but the doors open at 1pm for 

New Dying Project

I just received another box of supplies in the mail, and i am eagerly hoping to carve out some time to work on a few pieces of silk using the new dye.  Specifically, this dye is a two part dye, added to boiling salt water, 

Working with Sterling Silver

One of the challenges of being an artist is assignments – challenges to the skill set. I took on one such challenge for one of our galleries for winter.  The request was to have at least half if not most of my work be “winter